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Dr Ben Gupta BMedSci BM BS FRCA
Consultant Anaesthetist
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FAQs and supporting you through your cancer treatmentPlease note that these FAQs relate specifically to Ports. If you have further questions about tunnelled lines or PICCS please get in touch.

In most instances we require you to obtain a referral from a medical professional directly involved in your care e.g. Consultant, GP or Senior Chemotherapy Nurse. If for some reason this is not possible please get in touch.
The procedure itself takes approximately 45 minutes. You can normally go home 30 minutes to an hour afterwards.
No. You will receive sedation into the vein which will make you feel relaxed and slightly drowsy rather than send you right off to sleep.
Because sedation is administered you should not eat for 6 hours before your procedure time. You can drink water or tea/coffee with a splash of milk only up until 2 hours before your procedure time.
No. You will need someone to take you home and should not drive for 24 hours after the procedure.
Ports should ideally not be used for a few days after insertion. However, if treatment is planned very soon after the insertion it is possible for the port to be accessed at the time of insertion to facilitate this.

You should keep it completely dry for 24 hours, after this you may shower but do not immerse the area in water (bathing etc.) for 10 days or until fully healed.

Most activities can be commenced immediately apart from swimming (see above). Additionally, it is advisable to avoid strenuous upper limb activity e.g. tennis until fully healed.